LOST. Comic book

Teaching and moralizing is the least a young person wants to hear. It is certainly harder to talk about complex things simply, brightly, and accessible. But the benefits are greater. After all, curiosity will grow into interest. Interest will push to research. Research - will give knowledge. Knowledge will give awareness of actions. We laid down such an algorithm, going to a not simple but very interesting audience with the topic of radiation safety. It is important for us to talk about this with young people who are actively exploring the world. In part, even at their own risk. But it is still difficult to assess the consequences of risk due to the lack of life experience and the knowledge.  Therefore, the comic book genre is best suited to establish this communication. In a lively, interesting graphic story, a group of teenagers who seek to express themselves meet with an unknown energy. After releasing the energy, the heroes become famous twice. For the first time - when they frighten the city with terrible images at a festival. And the second time, when they are found breathless, and the surrounding area is contaminated with radiation.

Perhaps this story will seem to someone a flight of fancy of the authors. But this is not the case. The comic is based on a historical fact: events in the Brazilian city of Goiania. Following this incident, a strict system of control over ionizing radiation sources was introduced around the world. And the established rules of handling guarantee safety at contact with IRS. Therefore, this story is instructive. It provides answers to complex safety questions and unobtrusively forms the right algorithm of actions in case of possible contact. We are confident that the comic will be useful for young people and allow them to make their world safe. Then it will be even more interesting to explore it.

LOST. Comic book LOST. Comic book