Ukraine has the regulatory and legal framework relating to radiation safety and physical protection in the management of radioactive materials (RM).

Prior to the adoption of amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine in 2016, incentive measures for the voluntary delivery of orphaned radiation sources (RS) by the public were ineffective because there was criminal liability for the illicit management of radioactive materials.In addition, there was no exemption from liability for voluntary delivery. Therefore, Article 265 of the Code was extended by part 4 in 2016, according to which a personis released from criminal liability in the event of voluntary delivery of RM, including RS, which he/she managed illicitly.

Activities relating to the use of RS (regardless of their applications) are subject to state regulation, including issue of licenses and registration of RS, state oversight and enforcement measures. The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) is a central executive body, which establishes and implements the state policy pertaining to the safe use of nuclear energy since 1995, through issue of authorizations, conduct of inspections, and enforcement measures.

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The Law of Ukraine “On the Use of Nuclear Energy and Radiation Safety”

This is the basic law in the nuclear legislation of Ukraine. It establishes human and environment safety priority, citizens’ rights and obligations in the nuclear energy use field, regulates activities connected with using nuclear facilities and ionizing radiation sources, and also establishes legal grounds of Ukraine’s international obligations in using nuclear energy.

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The Law of Ukraine “On the Licencing Activities in the Use of Nuclear Energy Field”

This Law defines legal and organizational grounds of the licencing activities in the use of nuclear energy field, and also general provisions of regulating social relations which emerge when conducting such activities as an exception from general provisions set up by the Law of Ukraine “On Licencing of Certain Kinds of Economic Activity”

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The Law of Ukraine “On the Human Protection from Ionizing Radiation Effect”

This Law is aimed at securing protection of life, health, and property of individuals from the ionizing radiation negative effect, caused by practical activities, and also in case of radiation accidents, through executing preventive and rescue measures and making amends.

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The Law of Ukraine “On Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities, Nuclear Materials, Radioactive Waste, Other Ionizing Radiation Sources”

This Law is an integrate part of the nuclear legislation of Ukraine, and it defines basic guidelines for natural persons and legal entities’ activities in physical protection of nuclear facilities, nuclear materials, radioactive waste, and other ionizing radiation sources. Physical protection of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, radioactive waste, and other ionizing radiation sources is aimed at protection of national security interest, prevention and suppression of subversion, steal, or any other illegal withdrawal of nuclear material, radioactive waste, and other ionizing radiation sources, and reinforcement of non-proliferation regime, as well.

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The Law of Ukraine “On Amending the Article 265 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on Voluntary Deliver of Radioactive Materials”

This law introduces amendments to the Part 4 of the Article 265, CCU, and provides for the person who committed a crime provided for by the Part 1 of the abovementioned Article, to be free from criminal responsibility if he/she voluntarily delivers radioactive materials (ionizing radiation sources, radioactive or nuclear materials in any physical state either in a facility or device, or in any other form) to the authorities.

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Governmental regulation on cooperation procedure when radioactive materials are detected

Cooperation procedure for executive agencies and legal entities’ which perform activities in the nuclear energy use field affirmed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Regulation of June, 2 2003 regulates cooperation of the executive agencies and legal entities which perform activities in the nuclear energy use field when radioactive materials within illegal circulation are detected, which does not demand any radical activities for elimination of eventual radiological effects, and also defines a complex of measures aimed at prevention or minimization of damage to population
health and environment caused by radiation impact.

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Criminal Code of Ukraine

Criminal Code of Ukraine as its mission provides legal support for protection of human and citizen rights and liberties, property, public order and public security, environment, constitutional structure of Ukraine from felonious attempts, support of peace and security of mankind, and prevention of crimes, as well.

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listInformation and methodological materials

Radiation Safety Standards of Ukraine

The document: “Radiation Protection from Potential Sources of Radiation” supplements and expands the scope of the “Radiation Safety Standards of Ukraine” (RSSU-97) engaging potential sources of radiation to the system of radiation and hygiene regulation. Thus, general logical framework and continuity of hygienic standardisation in the radiation hygiene field is preserved.


Recommendations for improvement of the regulatory legal acts in the field of radioactive waste management

Recommendations for improvement and elimination of flaws in the current legal framework in the field of radioactive waste management, including IRS, which circulate illegally.